Examples of projects undertaken:

Review of Disability Housing

Ak advisory led a review of the South Australian Housing Trust's Disability Housing Program, consulting with a wide range of stakeholders and demonstrating that the number of properties in the program could be increased to 250% without additional state funding.

Transfer of Public Housingsfer of public housing stock

Alison designed the tender and stakeholder engagement strategy to successfully transfer 100 public housing properties to the community housing sector in 2015. The careful desgin and implementation of this project meant that it was able to achieve all strategic objectives. 

Strategic planning and facilitation

Ak advisory has led the development of strategic and business plans for a variety of organisations and facilitated board and executive meetings at key decision points such as consideration of merger, change in business model and strategy development.

National Regulation of Community Housing

Alison was head of community housing regulation in South Australia for four years prior to the introduction of the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. She co-designed the new regulatory system as part of a national working group and led development of the enabling legislation in South Australia.

Crisis and Transitional Housing

Alison led reform of what was previously a series of ad hoc arrangements for the leasing of Housing SA properties, in order to establish coherent crisis and transitional housing programs, achieving strategic alignment and financial sustainability for the programs.

Service design in the remote APY Lands

Alison led a multi-agency initiative, achieving agreement on the design of a service delivery model for a new residential drug rehabilitation facility in the remote Anangu Pitjatjanjara Yunkunyjatjara Lands. Alison's work included integrating an innovative outreach service delivery model into the work of the facility.

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