Our Expertise

ak advisory specialises in assisting organisations to deliver high quality sustainable outcomes. The following services can be provided on a consultancy or a contract basis and can be tailored to your needs.
Strategic Planning

ak advisory can assist your organisation to plan and refine a coherent strategy that takes into account all relevant factors internal and external to your business.

ak advisory can also develop detailed business or implementation plans to turn your strategic goals into action.

Governance and Board Evaluations

ak advisory can provide advice on your governance structures and operations to ensure that your organisation is effective and accountable. It is good practice to have an independent external board evaluation every three years.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a fundamental part of running any organisation. ak advisory can provide advice in relation to establishing, reviewing or refreshing your risk management systems. 

Engaging Stakeholders

Your organisation's stakeholders are a critical part of any strategic change. ak advisory can assist with stakeholder engagement, including:

  • strategic advice

  • development of a communication plan

  • facilitation of events

Regulatory Compliance

Alison Kimber, Principal at ak advisory has experience as a housing regulator and was one of the co-designers of the national regulatory system for community housing. ak advisory can assist your organisation to navigate regulation and to achieve compliance with regulatory systems.

Executive Coaching

Alison is an experienced executive and board member with a warm and engaging style. She is an experienced mentor and is available to provide insight, support and practical advice to executives or senior managers.

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